Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More Grocery Bags...I'm sooo Green!

I cannot believe how exciting my life is! More grocery bags to show! Below are the three that are completed to date. I put ironing aids inside the one below to make it stand up.

Mr. Ozona made fun of me when we exited the store together the other day and I told him that I saved 15 cents by using my three bags. He said that for 15 cents he wouldn't be concerned, since he wouldn't be using any floral bags. Well...I'm sure he didn't use the word "floral." The bagger at the store was equally skeptic about my bags when I told him that he could pack the bags full and they would be fine. These suckers hold a LOT more than those plastic grocery bags, without the worry that they will fall apart, sending items flying everywhere.

Ha! Solved the problem with Mr. Ozona! Here are the two bags that are cut out and ready to sew.

Aren't they manly?! I don't care that he's really not a Cards fan, but I'm saving the Badger fabric to incorporate in a gift for him...which I was going to make last summer. This blogging thing really brings out the worst in me, doesn't it?!


cri-cri said...

I like your bags very much, maybe I 'll make one ...but it seems leike a fever you can't stop and I know myself ;-) ..and a great idea to make mnly bags :-))

Sourkraut said...

I love your fabric choices! Did you use heavy-weight fabric or anything special?

Jan said...

Thanks, ladies! No special fabric, just quilting weight cotton prints & inexpensive muslin for the lining.

OkayLetsGoKnitting said...

Don't you those bags?! DH hasn't actually 'taken' mine to the store, but will help carry when he goes with me (which isn't very often). I really need to make some Ohio State looking ones...especially living in Columbus.