Sunday, June 20, 2010

Going Green

For quite some time I've looked online at various shopping bags to made and just had not been pleased with what I saw. I also could not think of anything to design, so I've just continued using plastic. Then one day I happened to come across these instructions. I told Kay about the bag, and she made a few right away. Finally I made one, using her recommendation to use a Target bag for the pattern. It's very easy and the resulting bag holds a lot! I opted not to put the pocket on, but the plain bag easily folds up into itself and is small enough to slip into my purse.

Here's the full bag.

Fold into thirds.

Fold the handles over.

With the remaining length, fold over the third that has the handles.

Tuck in the remaining third into the opening from the top of the bag.

Tuck into your purse and be ready for those impromptu grocery stops for a few items. I need to make more to have them available for bigger shopping. I'm also thinking about options for lining the bags that could hold meat and other possibly messy items.

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OkayLetsGoKnitting said...

I just double-bag the meat at the meat counter and see no need to make a special bag for them. Much easier than having to deal with cleaning out a 'designer' bag!

Love your fabric by the way.