Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Floor Mat

While watching the Indy 500 race on Sunday, I planned to start (and finish) this:

Instead, I started AND finished this:

A new floor mat for the kitchen! One down and 3 or 4 (or more!) to go. I've been in dire need of new rugs in the kitchen for quite some time. The current ones were inexpensive (cheap), unattractive (ugly) things I picked up. Oh, they served their purpose, but it sure was function without form.

I'd come across this product some time ago, which got me thinking about making my own kitchen rugs. Has anyone used this rug backing before? Does it really work? Is it really machine washable? The backing on this floor mat is outdoor canvas, so I'm thining the backing would be easy to apply.

After buying the fabric for the top of the mat, my ideas on how to finish it sort of evolved from other materials I had on hand. I jumped in and started sewing, not sure if I'd be able to miter the corners on the front with the bulk of the denim. It worked! I had to hand sew the mitered corners, but I think that the time spent was well worth the result.


avalanden said...

Hi Jan,
This is a great mat! I love Michael Miller fabrics as well. I believe this is from Laura Gunn's Poppy Collection. Her collection is so
versatile. I've seen everything from bed linings to handbags made for it and I absolutely love them all.

I haven't used the backing product either but if you do use it, please write a review. I'm sure there are several inquiring minds that want to know how it works :)

Jan said...

Thanks, Ava! I still haven't finished the rest of the mats, & this one is currently on carpet (dog!), so I also haven't tried that backing product. My goal is to do the rest of the mats over my Christmas break, so I may be trying that product then to see how it works.