Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Calendar Quilt: May

Since yesterday I showed the completed June block, I figure I'll just work backwards. Maybe by the time I backtrack to January, my July block will be done.

On May 1 we brought home Jacie, so I started the month with a dog novelty fabric with "WOOF" all over it. We didn't hear her bark for about 3 days and commented on what a quiet girl she was. Notice the past tense: was! Honeymoon's she's fairly vocal, among having other annoying habits that need to be broken! There's chili peppers for Cinco de Mayo, Crayola fabric for my students' last day of school, and then tape measure fabric representing my playtime during summer break. That's followed by some fun cocktail and watermelon fabrics. Happy summer! I ended the block with black & white for the Indy 500 race and one with red, white, & blue for Memorial Day.

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