Saturday, June 26, 2010

Calendar Quilt: March

The only fabrics that have any significance for this month are:
1. March 2 Dick & Jane fabric for Dr. Seuss' birthday
2. March 13 Tape measure fabric representing play time during spring break
3. March 17 A strip of pretty green for St. Patrick's Day

What I notice as I look at this block again is that there are fabrics that I bought for purses. That are not made yet. Four different coordinating fabrics to be exact. Well, one is started, but my design idea had a flaw so I put that project aside. About two years ago. Maybe it's time to revisit what I've done on that because it is a good idea (in theory), plus the design actually fits in with the ruffling craze I've been seeing lately. Do you think I can make it work?!

As I look closer, there are actually four purses/bags started in various degrees of completion. That sounded a bit better than figuring out the number of UFOs I have. Oh, and now I recognize another fabric for a potential bag. I'm going to stop looking. Now that my studio is almost in order, I actually have room to play around with more that bits of fabrics and have room around my machine to do some serious sewing...heavy interfacings, bulky bags, etc.

In my defense, I did complete two more grocery bags this week. I saved a whooping 15 cents yesterday at the store by using my own three bags! And two more are cut out and waiting patiently to be sewn.

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