Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Matching Jewelry

Yesterday I played around with embellishing some more kitchen towels. I still have one to go, so will keep everyone in suspense until they're all done. Also, all four of my square pot holders are finished. I'll have to take pictures soon, before I go and do something silly, like cooking, and get them dirty. Oh wait...it's Phoenix in June. Not much cooking gets done in 100+ degree weather that would warrant pot holders. And not that it's going to be 100 today ~ I think we'll have to wait for Friday for that pleasure that will probably last for five months. Nope, you'll never hear me say, "But it's a dry heat." What you will hear me say is, "I don't have to shovel it!"

Back to yesterday. I put the leaf in the dining room table so that I could be in the middle of all the action and not stuck in my studio, except when sewing small seams. (Read: I still haven't finished cleaning out my studio and all I can do in there is sew small seams.) That one lonely towel, mentioned above, still needs to be embellished because we needed to eat. I'd decided to make my favorite meal of BLT's, roasting ears (does that term give away where and when I grew up?!), and a simple cucumber salad that was great using basalmic vinegar. There's enough of the salad left that all I'll need to do is add another cucumber and some onions in it for tonight. There's also some leftover chicken breasts, so dinner will be easy tonight.

Oops. I was talking about yesterday. We were out of mayo for the BLT's. A quick trip to the store solved that problem. Despite the many people in the store mid-afternoon on Memorial Day, I was in and out quickly. With my short grocery list, I was able to use the express lane with 3 items to spare. Since pop (another term that may give a clue as to where I grew up) was on sale, I wheeled my cart out to my car. As I was bending over to get the items out of the cart and into the car, imagine my surprise when I noticed what jewelry I had on:

At least the pin heads match the dots on the ribbon, but it's rather embarrassing that I never trimmed the ends of the ribbon nicely. And yes, that's a Chico's shirt I had on...LOVE Chico's! A couple of years ago Joy and I met there to do some back-to-school shopping (NOT pencils, notebooks, and gel pens!) and almost got kicked out. Seems like our conversation while we were in our respective dressing rooms was a bit loud. We think that the employee took one look at us, realized we were over a certain age, and took the chance that we would be spending $$$. She was right. Joy & I were the best-dressed 3rd grade teachers at our school that following school year. There's absolutely no reason to mention that we were the only 3rd grade teachers at our school that following year.

Is it any wonder why/how I wore this jewelry to the grocery store yesterday?!

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OkayLetsGoKnitting said...

That is one awesome 'fashion' necklace!!