Thursday, June 24, 2010

Calendar Quilt: April

When we first got Jacie, we didn't have an exact birthday for her but knew it was sometime in April. So, we declared her an April Fool. About a month later, I received an email stating that her microchip had been transfered to me and that paperwork had her birthday on it...April 13. Didn't know until then that she had a microchip. She's still an April Fool, sometimes more often than not! April's block has big paw prints for her birthday.

I goofed on the placement of Easter. I meant to put the pastel colored polka dots for that date. I didn't notice my mistake until the block was completed. Easter now has skull and cross bones. Oops.

The rest of the fabrics are just randomly placed. I just realized that I have most of a fat quarter left of a print with coins on it that I could have used for April 15. Oh well. The IRS takes enough of my money...guess I don't need to commemorate them for that!

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