Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Calendar Quilt: June

In January I came across Pat Sloan's Calendar Quilt Along. I jumped in with both feet, coming up with a plan to make 12 blocks. Not only am I up-to-date, as of this morning I'm officially ahead by finishing June's block.

A big thanks to Kay for sending me some fabric scraps for this! They really helped to blend in with the fabrics that I was using to make it look summery. Plus, one of the yellows that she sent had circles on it that looked like the sun, so I used that for the first day of summer. I happened to have some soccer fabric, so I added that in for June 11, when the World Cup started. No other days have any real significance with fabric choices, other than just trying to make it look somewhat summery. But I guess that the beginning of the block sort of matches the mild spring we've had, while the end brings in the yellows and the desert heat.

This quilt top really is a lot of fun to do!

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