Monday, December 29, 2008


Sheesh! A while ago I set up a Twitter account, and the only way to "find" people was to invite them by email, or to search for people through email accounts of which I do not have. I invited some of my family. Thank you Jo and Kay for responding!

Earlier today I tried it again, and I was easily able to find people, so I added on from my instructor's site that he gave us. I'm not going to play around any more. I simply do not see a purpose for this in an educational setting.

Also, I heard from one of my sisters that our nephew was on Twitter. I found him today, but would not add it to my following list. Yes, he's certainly more than legal age, but his comments posted were not something that I would add for this class. That also makes me wonder about what students would be finding on this site. Yes, I have a problem with this site now for educational purposes.

I did explain this site to family members, when the finding function was wacky. They signed up and wrote initial posts. I'm sure that none of us will keep going here...we'll email our thoughts instead.

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