Monday, December 29, 2008

Stat Counter

I registered with and placed the counter at the bottom of my blog. The site's instructions were very clear and it was easy to do. Or was it easy because of all of the other things I've done for this class?!

Time to quote my instructor for this class: "Personally, I see no value in these stats to education other than showing or proving there are readers all over the world." This time I totally disagree! With my 3rd grade kiddos, I actually have a very good use that would be fun for them and reinforcing math vocabulary and skills at the same time. If I had a classroom computer to devote to a website, each kid could each take a couple of minutes every day to go and check the counter on the site and determine HOW MANY MORE visitors were on here today than yesterday. That would be a fun motivational way for them to be practicing subtraction facts daily. With the information they gathered, we could also do graphing, such as which day of the week has the most visitors to the site.

That also takes me back now to the cluster map and what the kids could do with that data. They would be interested since it would be theirs, and we could do more graphing of visitors from different locales. The kids could determine the categories, which would be a great source of authentic data for them.

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