Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Online Productivity Tools

In order of preference:

ZohoWriter…I liked that a tutorial popped up, so help was easy. Uploading was fast and simple. The formatting was pretty good with the word processing.
GoogleDocs…Tedious to upload one document at a time, but the word processing was fairly simple.
ThinkFree…I think not. Again, computer issues with internet access when trying this site, several times, while all the other sites were fine.

Maybe it’s simply familiarity, but I would not be willing to give up Office for any of these. I really like Word and Excel, which are what I use the most. OK, you’re scaring me now! And making me wonder what will be in store for the district in the (near?) future. It would make sense for businesses to consider these options to save money with all of the licensing fees involved. If it comes to that, I’ll still be using my Word and Excel at home. For now.

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