Monday, December 29, 2008


Ugh. I really do not like Slideshare. First, my browser kept freezing up on me and that's the only site it has done it with today. (That tells me that I've been on the computer too much today, but I really need to finish this class.) I also did not like the vague instructions of posting/embedding the PowerPoint on Blogger. But, I do like the idea of sharing PowerPoints, since they can be great educational tools to use in the classroom...find an appropriate PowerPoint to integrate into lessons. This just makes me think of the other PowerPoints I have spent the time creating and don't use, because I don't have easy access in my classroom.

I think this would be better with audio. After a while searching and not finding any way to do that, I gave up.

I don't really see using this with my 3rd graders. LOL Some still struggle with logging in the sites that they need to now in a timely manner. My concern with this site is about the same as other sites. The students need to be able to evaluate the validity of information that they are accessing.

Coronado Island
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