Sunday, December 7, 2008

Flickr Tools

I could easily have wasted away the entire day playing around with all of the Flickr toys (tools), which were new to me. In order to waste time at a later date(s), I’m including the links for these three sites. After seeing some of these tools, I really am thinking to upload more (a lot!) photos in Flickr. The ones that I tried were all very easy.

Tools for Flickr Cool! Fun! I tried the captioner, colorpickr, and flickrsudoku.

fd’s Flickr Toys I played around with Jigsaw, Flickr Uploader, Trading Cards, and Mat.

The Great Flickr Tools Collection A couple of the first links that I tried were bad. Then, I REALLY wanted to see how Gickr worked, which said that it created animated Gif’s from your Flickr photos…a page opened saying it was “forbidden.” There was a really fun one for preschoolers and kindergarteners called AlphaLearnr, which let you choose from different photos for each letter of the alphabet.

With these being so easy to use, it would fun to quickly put together some simple things with student and classroom photos to use in newsletters and other parent communication. I’m sure this will turn into a list of classroom uses that are more beneficial to student achievement once I play more.

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