Saturday, December 6, 2008

Blog Searching

Blog Search Engines, in order of preference:
IceRocket I liked this search engine for educational topics searched. It was easy to see which blogs I wanted to read, and which ones probably wouldn’t be as relevant.
BlogSearch I liked this one the best for personal topics that I searched. With some of the key words that I used, some of the blogs that I do follow showed up. I needed to leave, because that could have wasted my entire evening last night!
BlogScope Not bad for both professional and personal searching.
Technorati Not thrilled at all.
Bloglines Very commercial.
Sphere (Website) Yuk
For students, I would have them use IceRocket. They would have to first learn that the key words searched need to be as specific as they can make them for the best results. As they search various topics of interest, it would be a good lesson about overall validity of information found on the Web and how to critically evaluate information from factual, to opinions. I could see doing compare and contrast activities with my 3rd graders…research a topic of interest and find factual information in legitimate sources, as well as information presented in blogs.

Edited 12-7: Got a comment on one of the blogs that I will be deleting.
"Thanks for using!! and thanks for the awesome post about us!
Blake Rhodes CEO"
Guess he was searching his search engine to see what showed up.

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