Saturday, December 6, 2008


Oh, my! I tried setting up a blogrolls about a month, and nothing went right on Blogger. I spent a lot of time for nothing, then decided tonight that I needed to try and get things done…OR send an email plea to my instructor for this class begging for help. AND…needed to get things rolling on this class. Well, last night it took me less than 2 minutes to set up the blogroll on Blogger. Word Press and 21Classes were also easy. Word Press was the most tedious, because I could only add one at a time and then had to go back to the add link page.

Since I’ve looked ahead, I already know that I will end up deleting two of the blogs. I’ve already decided that I like Blogger the best, so even though 21Classes was probably the easiest of the three, I wouldn’t factor in my original difficulty with setting up a Blogger blogroll in my choice.

Blogrolls could be very useful on a classroom blog. The students would have easy access to sites they needed. Also, links to students’ blogs could be added. Although I haven’t set up different categories on a blog yet, that would make for a nicely organized classroom blog page.

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