Saturday, December 6, 2008


As I’m spending my Saturday working on this class, I find myself thinking about all the other things that need to get done, like…


which was mentioned in the reading on tagging…”For years, we have been matching and or categorizing items within our lives. Think about some of the items we match in our lives.
Doing your laundry: match your socks” Thanks for the reminder, Shawn.

Christmas gifts to finish making

Why, oh why, didn’t I do more last summer?!?! Oh yeah, I was taking classes.

other interests

like sitting on my butt on the couch watching mindless TV knitting the afternoon away, or figuring out how to create something new. Those photos are both from Flickr. The first one is mine, of a baby gift that I made last summer for a friend’s baby. The second one is of just the cutest pair of baby booties that I’ve ever seen! My attempts at creating anything remotely similar, to date, have been feeble, at best.

Technorati also brought me back to personal interests as I typed in “flat classroom,” as opposed to “flatclassroom.” Here was the FIRST blog that popped up. Sheesh! More time was spent looking at that site and others from the blogroll. (I’m using my newly acquired vocabulary from this class!) Of course, I did go back and search “flatclassroom,” but by that time I had already brought out the yarn that I bought in Oregon a couple of weekends ago while visiting friends…

And then I had to give Tonia a call to see how HER knitting was going, since I taught her to knit while we were there.

And then I had to look at the pictures taken on vacation.

One of the covered bridges from the self-guided tour Tonia and Michael took us on.
We didn't actually drive across these, but drove over the "top-less" bridges.

A view from one of the bridges.

Saturday Market in downtown Eugene.

Go Ducks!
Since this is turning into a personal blog,
come back later to read about the story behind these ducks!

In the mean time, in the back of my mind, I kept thinking about how I would be able to add tags to my posts, how long that would take me, and if I will be able to figure that out…as well as dreaming of the next assignment of deleting two of the blogs, so that in the future I would only need to post ONCE!

Plus, I already had forgotten about what I first thought of as a novice, so I had to go back and play some more. Believe it or not, my mind actually went back to the classroom and what I could do to use these new resources for my students. At this point, I have NO clue as to what I searched for, but I did come across this site with plenty of potential. Here is an example of a student project that was highlighted on the site. Imagine how much fun the kids could have putting together reports in this way!
By this point in typing this up, my grocery list is complete so that I can make some yummy turkey/noodle/vegetable soup from the stock that I made and froze after Thanksgiving. Soup will be good today…it’s only 63 degrees.

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