Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Studio Reorganization

In my last big reorganization, I opted to take off the hallway door and the closet doors. That really opened up my small space. The tiny room was packed full, but very efficient for working. Even when my sister Kay was out here and the two of us spent a lot of time in there playing, we had enough room to work.

Now, it's a mess. I refuse to do any 'before' pictures at this point: I'm so embarrassed! I've started some simple things that will be both useful and pretty, one of which is rolling my ribbon on clothespins and putting them in glass jars. Ummm, I bought a package of 50 clothespins, and will need to buy more to finish. I had no idea I had that many spools of ribbon! I also find it a boring task, so I'm only about half finished. On the bright side, I'm using pins that I do not like to sew with to anchor the ribbons, so at least those pins are finding a good use.

The biggest issue in completing my cleanup and reorganization will be Jacie.

She's such a happy little thief! Although she's starting to learn the command of "drop," it takes a doggie treat and a few laps around the house or yard for us humans to retrieve the stolen goods.

The weekend after we got her, we put up a kiddie gate on my studio entrance. That's working well, but we're figuring that she could easily jump it, so now if I'm in there, I leave the gate open. So far so good, but where do I put all the piles of sewing items as I'm reorganizing??? I'm sure I'll come up with something out of necessity.

I really, really, really NEED to clean up my studio, since I can only sew small items now. My work space is cluttered, as is even the floor. I think I'm in for a real challenge next week, so that my fabric does not end up like my yarn, compliments of my furry little girl.

Yes, I woke up to this one morning at about 2:00 am when I went to check on her during the first week she was home. My little herding dog must have really been excited that she came to a home where dog toys were made out of SHEEP!

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