Monday, May 24, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer

Today was a lazy day. The weather was unseasonably cool for Phoenix, not even getting up to 80 degrees. My dog and I both loved it!

This morning I took Jacie to school so that the office staff could meet her. When we got home, Jacie emailed her 'Aunt Darby.'

As you can see, they are both little thieves! Although biologically unrelated, Darby and Jacie have very similar markings on their pretty little faces. Here's what Jacie wrote:

My mom took me on a field trip this morning to her school to show me off. I started out by making things difficult for her, by me wanting to drive. I even honked the horn! She then made me get out of the car so she could block off the space between the front seats. It’s OK being in the back, but I really can’t wait until I’m old enough to drive.

I walked into the front of the school and there were a few women who were “awwwwing” over me. I sat pretty and wagged my tail like a mad woman while they petted me and said what a good girl I am! Then I just laid down and looked pretty! When my mom tried to get me to leave, I stayed put. The principal said that it looked like the school may have a new mascot. That would be fun…almost 700 kids to herd! Then one of the women asked Mom if she watched Dog Whisperer. That woman was able to get me standing easily with the leash & now Mom knows how to do it. I wonder what other kinds of lessons I’ll learn this summer. I did overhear her saying that she’s going to take me to a Petsmart class. Ha! She’s got to get me to walk on the tile in there first. The one time she took me, it was so slippery in my enthusiasm that I gave up and just laid down.

It’s naptime now and I hear the cool kitchen floor calling my name.

So later, while Jacie napped, I lazed. Finally, I decided that I needed to accomplish one thing, so I embellished a towel for the kitchen.

I've got more of these fabrics and plan on doing other fun things for my kitchen. But, for today, at least I did something.

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