Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Play With Beads, Too!

My father had a silver dollar, given to him by his parents before he went to the South Pacific to serve the Army in WWII. He carried that silver dollar in his pocket every single day that he served our country, as well as every single day afterwards…more than 50 years. It became so worn, that the images on the coin were rubbed smooth. He often stated that he would be buried with his silver dollar in his pocket. He was.

I have a silver dollar that he gave to me. (I’m assuming that he gave all of my siblings one as well. If not, I sure will hear about it!)

A few years ago I decided that it would make a great necklace. So in a true DIY mode, decided that I would take a basic beading class, then learn more, and come up with something for the silver dollar. I did take a great class at the Bead Museum, did learn some new techniques, but have done nothing with the silver dollar. I’ve long since realized that it’s beyond my capabilities to ever be able to come up with something that I would want for my silver dollar necklace. One of these days I will contact a local artisan, DR Designs to come up with something for my silver dollar. I have two bracelets and a pair of earrings from her, and she does beautiful work!

As for my jewelry, I make it for myself and it's pretty basic. Some of the most fun pieces that I wear a lot come from beads in the "digger bin" at a local bead shop. Here's one of the few photos that I've taken. The bracelet was my first attempt using memory wire.

Now, what shall I create before thinking about what to make for dinner?

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