Monday, May 24, 2010

A Gift of Thyme

And time! Last Thursday I waved goodbye (with tears) to all of my now 4th graders. Today is my first "real" day of summer vacation. In between rescuing pinecones, chewed off bougainvilla branches, a dirty sock or two, and an empty 5 gallon plastic container from the little thief Jacie, I spent my first morning of vacation leisurely sightseeing in Blogville. One attraction was at Somewhat Simple.

This idea is not mine and I didn't make it, but as a teacher, I sure loved receiving it! It's simple, inexpensive, and thoughtful. This was from one of my darling little girls. I know there's a lot of creativity in her household from the adorable ribbons, bows, jewelry, and other embellishments she would sport at school.

Isn't this great?! I've often thought about starting some kind of an herb garden, and this just may be my motivator. I'll just need to get creative on where to put the pots to protect them from the desert sun and the Sun Devil dog who loves to chew plants.

I do have another idea for clay pots, too. Years ago one of my parents had her own plant business. Early that May, she came into my class and did a presentation for my kiddos. Each student received a clay pot and a plant to give to their moms on Mother's Day. I had the students ModPodge colored tissue paper onto the pots, then they potted their plants. They turned out adorable! I made one for myself, and while it lasted nicely for a few years out in the summer sun, it's now gone.

We also had a few extra plants and pots, so the kids that year made a pot for the office staff for Secretary's Day. If I recall right, I remember seeing that pot still up on a shelf in the supply room at school. I might just go in to school and see if I can rescue that ModPodge'd pot and get a picture. I'll do that during my lunch break at a workshop that I'm going to tomorrow...

...whoever said that teachers have the summers off lied!

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