Saturday, May 29, 2010

Binding and Bias Tape

Until now, my favorite way to finish both bindings and bias tape edges on all items had been to sew them on, flip, and hand sew. I’ve tried machine finishing them both but have never liked the results. The back side always was too messy. Hand sewing was worth the time invested. Plus, I’ve learned to enjoy the hand sewing because of how it turns out, and for the challenge of working on my stitches so that they do not show.

A while back, while looking for sewing tips online, I came across some video tutorials by Sharon Schamber. I watched the ones on how she does her binding with glue. It looked simple, so I brought some glue home.

My new favorite new sewing tool…

…Elmer’s School Glue!

Earlier this week I was talking to Kay and told her about those videos. A couple of days later I got a text from her stating, “OMG, you have to try the glue binding!” She had used it on a quilt (sofa protector) for her grand-puppy. So yes, I took my big sister’s advice and tried. I made two square pot holders. (These are for a friend.) I’ve got some kinks to work out on my corners, but the technique itself is wonderful!

Then I made two oven mitts for myself, following the tutorial from The Idea Room. Instead of ribbon edging the front pockets, I used the binding method. Those little strips are great for practicing how to figure out the seam allowance for when you want to machine stitch the binding instead of hand sewing. Next I made my own bias tape. I sewed it around the edges of the potholders as I normally would and used the glue on the back before stitching it down with the machine. They came out great!

I’m going to practice some more with square pot holders for myself, then trash my old, icky ones! There are still more towels to embellish, and the resident thief recently found a stray ball of cotton yarn that would made a pretty matching dish cloth. Looks like some knitting during the race tomorrow.

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Sarah Craig said...

Those are beautiful, Jan! I need to go check out that tutorial - maybe it would ease up some of my time now spent hand-stitching bindings!!

Dayna said...

I love the pot holders! I could use some new ones, too. One day, I guess.

trish said...

Great job! :o)

Lappedamen said...

Those potholders are so pretty.

Diane said...

Those look great! Since binding is my least favorite thing to do I must look into this glue you speak of :)