Thursday, April 21, 2011

Scrappy Easter Grass Basket is Filled!

And gifted!  A couple of weeks ago I started filling this basket.  That one little fabric egg looked rather lonely, don't you think? 

I came across this pattern and tutorial for the bunny in the center.  Since I was going to be filling it with fiber fill instead of something else to make a sachet, I thought I would see what it looked like with stuffing the ears.  Next time, I'll leave the ears alone, but I was on crunch time to get it done and didn't have the time to unstuff the ears. 

Joy loved her little Easter basket.  But after a long and challenging week at work (um...challenging weeks!), I think I got the better gift from her...a bottle of wine with a relevant label that was hysterically funny, considering one of my bigger challenges that is now finished.  Thanks, Joy!


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