Thursday, October 21, 2010

Reconstructed Tee Neckline

No tutorial today, and not even a second picture of another tee that I did just like this.  Just taking photos seems like a chore these days, because most of my "spare" time at night and on weekends is spent on my day job.  OK, complaining is over.

This was a man's tee.  You know the kind.  The ones that are made for men and look like a sack on girls.  I cut off the sleeves, some length from the bottom, then cut the tee up both sides.  From a fitted tee that fits me well, I made a sleeve template, so that the sleeve is more like a set in sleeve.  Side seams were determined from my own particular curves and I figured out where I wanted the sleeves to set on my shoulders.  I sewed the sleeves on, then the side seams, and hemmed.

From the tube of fabric that was cut off of the bottom, I folded it in half and gathered.  I cut the neckline to where I wanted it to be.  The gathered ruffle was sewn onto the neckline.  I made my own narrow bias tape and used that for the embellishment on the neckline.  Voila!  Man's shirt turned girl's shirt.


Lisa said...

Cute! Great idea to dress up those boring t-shirts and make them more girly and fashionable!

Tricia said...

Very cute. I love the neckline embellishment, and the fact that you had the guts to fit the shirt to your body. They really need to make more flattering Team shirts for women (and that aren't pink).

Thanks for linking it up. I'm going to have to try that neckline out.

hawkeyejlp said...

Love the refashion, see your team at Kinnick next month.

Pam said...

Very cute t-shirt. I enjoyed your flower tutorial post too. And I even learned something - I never knew what setting to use to be able to scrunch the material up. I'm making a table runner with a ruffle tomorrow so I'll try the basting stitch on it.