Friday, July 2, 2010

Instant Gratification

Well, almost instant as far as the sewing goes. 

This week I have been working on a quilt top and a couple of bags, so I had the need to do something and finish.  I have been trying to train Jacie to become my sewing buddy.  She's made great strides this week in that department, sometimes laying & napping and being simply adorable.  Even though I'm supplying her with her favorite toys, she sometimes gets bored and then it's like having a toddler around, so she needs to be removed from my room.  Fortunately, she's easily redirected.  If it weren't for constant interruptions from dear doggie today, this would have taken no time to complete.         

I've had the little cardboard coffee thingies in my studio for ages to make a cozy.  I've attempted a couple of knitted ones, but have just never been thrilled with the results.  So while taking care of the little (ha!) puppy, I whipped this little puppy up.  There are a lot of these online but I have no clue as to the sites where I've seen similar ones.  I love the idea of the elastic for the closure.

It is a good feeling to complete something, no matter how simple.

P.S.  Susie...if you ever read my blog, and become a follower, I might consider telling you how I did this!



Karen in Tucson said...

Jan, I made 2 of them with my great coffee fabric - one was too small and the second was right size but made it so the words are upside down!! Used velcro but like the button idea as well. Will try again!

Jan said...

Karen, I tried this one on a cup and it's a bit smaller than I would like, so it's back to the drawing board for any future ones. Sorry about your upside down words...hate that when it happens!

OkayLetsGoKnitting said...

Love it. Even as nice as it is...won't make me start drinking coffee!!