Friday, June 17, 2011

Mission: Reorganization

I opened my big mouth, so two of my sisters and I are having a challenge to get some things completed that normally get ignored.  We are doing just one hour a day, Monday through Friday.  I stayed on track for two weeks, and then, well...

...this past Monday was my first official Monday off of work!  Yippee!  Summer!

After the school year ended, I worked on a week-long language arts curriculum writing committee, then completed 3 workshops.  So, I decided to have a completely lazy Monday.  I've been a slacker ever since on the reorganization.  I need to make up some time today, which I'm sure will drag into Saturday and Sunday.

So far with the reorganization, most of what I have done is not noticeable...drawers, cabinets, and such.  But, the shelves above my washer and dryer are noticeably nicer.  These shelves had become a dumping ground for all sorts of crapola.  I even found a stuffed dog toy needing plastic surgery.  Why did I put that there?!

My sisters received both a 'before' and 'after' shot.  I'm waaayyyyy too embarrassed to put the 'before' picture here.  Here is the 'after:'

The two bottles on the center bottom shelf are my homemade laundry detergent and fabric softener.   I keep them in used Simply Lemonade containers.  They got a facelift. 

Jo and Kay, dear sisters that they are, made fun of me.  They think they will get more reorganization done while I am 'busy making labels' for things.  Ha!  I'll show them!  Oh wait!  Those two ancient recipe file boxes sure do need some revamping.  Maybe some fabric Mod Podged onto them to cover the ugliness?  That might be a perfect afternoon project, and yet another delay to the boring reorganization.  (But it does feel good to get some of those boring tasks completed.)

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KiST said...

I forgot to mention earlier how nice your laundry room looks.

SHAME on you for not sharing with the rest of the blog-world your 'before' picture. It really wasn't THAT bad. (oh wait...yes it was:-)