Saturday, May 14, 2011

Produce Bags and Lapbooks

These produce bags are so cool!  The pattern is from Daisy Janie and they are quick and easy.  I made these for a wonder parent helper for an end-of-the-year gift.  I am also making a fabric grocery bag for her, and one of my team members is buying items to fill the bags.  So far she bought 3 bottles of wine with fun, food-related labels.  Does anyone have ideas for more items to fill the bags with?  This mom helper deserves a lot!        

Three summers ago I took a district class called "Lapbooks: Taking Foldables to the Next Level."  One of the things that I created for that class was a lapbook to be used with our language arts series.  This series has 6 units, so that meant 6 lapbooks for each student over the course of the school year.  Each lapbook has a variety of activities for the students to be working on while I'm working with small groups of students.

Here is what they look like.

This mom helper made these lapbooks not only for my class, but for my entire grade level.  That was about 400 of these over the course of this past school year.  Plus, she has volunteered to put the first unit together to start out the school year in the fall.  We LOVE you, Andrea!

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