Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pencil/Purse Pockets

A few months ago, one of my mom helpers commented the chairs I recovered for my classroom. They were two old teacher chairs that were doomed for the trash. The design on the brown chair is from (I think!) Ann the Gran and I did the wording on the orange chair from Embird’s Font Engine.

This mom said she had a lot of jeans pockets left over after she had made some denim throws. Was there anything we could do with them for the class? I told her I would come up with something. This past school year was very demanding in many ways, and my creativity at a standstill. So, I asked Kay to help me come up with an idea. Her first suggestion was a winner: fold them in half and sew them.

Here is the prototype. Easy peasy, cute, and fun! I cut up a bunch of squares from a variety of fabrics, and brought in several different ribbons. The kids chose their fabrics and ribbons, I sewed the top seam, and my mom helper sewed the rest. On the last week of school I supplied the students with fabric paints and they put their names on their pencil pockets. During the craziness of the last week of school(not to even mention boxing up the entire classroom for summer construction), I neglected to get photos of all 24 pencil pockets.

If you like this project, stay tuned for a tutorial! These are a great size for slipping into a purse.

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Kay said...

Those are really cute! Glad the brain cells were working the day you asked for suggestions.